monty how was downieville?

Come on fill me in on what I missed.


Marty, Downieville was GREAT! I took some pictures but am not sure how to post them yet. Big Dan and I hung together and did a lot of sight seeing. It was a fun easy ride. I definately plan on going back there to ride. Send me an email and I will send you some pictures. Later, Paul

Marty you missed a good one lots of single track up hill, down hill, rocks, mud, creek crossing,(I need to tell Eva to ride across the creek not up the creek)Temps were in the 50s in the moring afternoon about 75 just wright,we had lunch in gary eagel and from there back to the woods were ever one lost the trail the roll chart was wrong but we found it again if you ever been to the rubicon then you what the last part was like up hill rocks but fun.This was one of the best rides I been on in a long time just the wright milage 131 miles, you need to make the next one it will be the end of oct, at upper lake I'll post with info when I get it.


I rode with Monty & Eva and had a great time. Like Monty said, just the right mix of mileage/trail for me that day. The only down side was the dust - of course I was the last/4th rider in our group :)

The hard easy split after lunch would have provided plenty of challenge - I rode those trails the weekend before in Dave Wood's class.

Monty - what's up with Upper Lake?




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Marty and Brian go to ( and print the enter form lets ride sat, the 27th.Brain I sent you a e-mail today on the upper lake ride.


Hi Monty,

My network connection has been down at work, looks like maybe the paycheck maybe down shortly also. Tell me about the dual-sport ride when you get a chance.


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