Splined section of clutch boss is loose. How?

Is the splined section of the clutch boss on a 2000 pressed in? Mine is loose in the bore. At least I know what the cause of my squeeling clutch is.... the insert spinning in the bore until the clutch fully engages.

I cant figure out how this section worked its way loose. I put in a billet basket last summer, but torqued the nut properly. I'd like to know so I can avoid this problem in the future. Anyone else had this problem and figured the route cause of it?

The clutch boss is a one-piece part (notice how I avoided calling it monolithic?). Are you saying that the boss is loose on the mainshaft, or are you talking about the basket instead? Or what?

It's the boss. The spline section on mine was pressed in, but has worked its way loose and the splined section now will partially rotate inside the boss. When I took the pressure plate off I noticed the lock washer had one tab broken and the boss had indentations from the lock washer indicating it had spun a little on the shaft (which is how the lock tab broke it seems). The splined section was tight on the shaft, but the splined section is breaking loose from the boss.

Sorry if this isn't too clear as I'm having a hard time explaining it.

No, you did fine. I was apparently incorrect. Sounds like the part just basically gave up. Just replace it.

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