ride in the east valley this staurday. with some guys. let me know. i will give you direction. my bike is runing and ready to go. it did not want me to go to work it just want to go riding.

e-mail me at work tonight if you get a chance

talk to you later



not yz timmed yet

some mods

My name is Ben,

You don't know me, but I know you, kind of...

Bobwombat is the guy who got me involved in this


I'd like to know if I might be able to ride with you

this Saturday.

I live up off Glendale Ave and I-17. I have my own

truck and gear, so no problems there.

I have a 01 WR250F, and although I've only been riding

for a few months, I hang with Bob pretty good, so I

don't think I'd be a hold up on anyone.

Well, anyway, I'm dying to ride this weekend so let me


I tried emailing you but it came back undeliverable.

mine is



2001 WR250F

White Brothers E Series Full exhaust

Panoram computer

Tap Bars

jet kit

YZ timing

Grey wire mod

Pro Rally hand guards

YZ plastic

slash, as u know by now, i'm wimping out for this weekend but absolutely require a rain check. pls hook up with all-around great guy, ben, who will be contacting you. ben's a WR250 pilot w/Suzuki TLR1000 racing background. he took to the dirt recently & kicks @#$ on the moto-x track & dez. i'll get my act together shortly & u guys can all roost this old man! look forward to meeting & riding w/u soon. ride safely; cheers, bobwombat


saturday is the day i am riding woth the kids. you are more than welcome to come. but sunday is boyz day out we may be riding up by u i will e-mail U to let U know.



not yz timmed yet

some mods

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