426 eng sat a while

Hey guys im getting back from a recent deployment and have had my yz426 sitting the whole while in storage. Its been in there for 5 months, should i do anything prior to starting it, thanks

I'd change my oil and put in some new gas (doi). I'd also let it run for a bit to see if anything is leaking.

i guess that the proper procedure would depend on how the bike was "prepped" before it was stored and where it was stored,(heated attached garage or unheated shed, trailer etc..)

a few basic things to do before you ride would be to make sure you have fresh gas in tank and carb float bowl, all other fluid levels (oil,water,brake fluid) at correct levels, check tire pressure. check,clean oil if necessary chain and air filter. i would pull spark plug and inspect,clean or replace if necessary, while the spark plug was out i would spray wd40 carefully into cylinder and kick motor over with the spark plug out to get the wd40 all over the cylinder, the wd40 will help to dissipate any of the moisture that might be present and lubricate the cylinder/piston. check for spark while the sparkplug is out by placing the sparkplug in the boot and grounding to the exhaust header or cylinder block and kicking over.

once you have put the bike together it should start with the normal procedure.

once started just idle no throttle, check oil pressure according to the manual by loosening the banjo bolt on the external oil tube going to the upper rear of the cylinder head. oil should seep out in less than one minute.

if everything checks out and bike runs fine the only other thing you should check would be the brakes and suspension, brakes should be firm and suspension should move freely with no binding.

i would change the oil immediately if you didnt before starting it.

other than that i cant think of anything else.

enjoy riding again! :thumbsup:

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