03 Yzf 450

I have an 03 YZ450 that I am about to sell and I will miss it (bought an 06). The 03 bike is great, jetting was spot on and the motor is awesome and valves perfect. The only thing I had go wrong was third gear lost two teeth about two months ago. The shop that fixed never saw that before and thought it might have been a one in a million metal defect. I didnt abuse it but third gear is where you are usually at on a motocross track (although I think someone else on here had the same problem). After riding the 06 the 03 motor feels really smooth but the bike feels much bigger than the 06. There ya go, great bike!

Well, as you can see in my signature, I have both the 2003 and 2004. I have not riden the 2004 as much as the 2003 because the power is so much better for me. I want to be able to have power coming out of the corners and to hit jumps right out of the corners and the 2003 has it. I actually even have geared mine so they have 50 tooth sprockets on the back. My bikes are set up exactly the same except the suspension. They have the same exhaust and everything. The only thing that was better with the 2004 as far as the engine was the clutch.

As soon as I am back from my tour overseas, I should be picking up a pair of new 2007s. But I am going to have a hard time parting with the 2003. I want to make it a Super Moto bike, but my wife sees things differently.

The '03 is fantastic. I rode my '03 back to back with my friends '04 and I must say that the '03 is a lot more fun. Isnt that why we all ride? The jetting is VERY easy to fix. When it gets cold you just put a richer main jet, richer pilot jet, and go down 1 position on the needle. (or is it up 1 postion? I cant remember) On tight trails you wont like the 4 speed as much but on the track and on wider trails you will LOVE the 4 speed. The 4 speed lets you concentrate on improving other areas because you dont think about what gear your in and you dont worry about shifting all th time.

I like my 03 so much it is getting a 480 overbore kit....Suspension is Enzo and the new motor will be a beast! Best yamaha I ever owned before my 06.....a dragster of a bike :thumbsup:

I recently went from a YZ125 to an 03 450. Holy shit!!!

a dragster of a bike

yeah that's about the understatement of the year

Gods of power: I bow down :thumbsup::thumbsup:

It's the best motox bike I've owned since I started riding in 1980.

yeah its very powerful. I came from a 1990 yz80 to my 03 450 and my first time on it I almost shit my pants.

I just got my 2003 YZF 450 and havent had it on the track yet, but have had in the sand. pulls hard with a paddle off big long sand jumps and the crazy part I weigh 280! I come up short and cased about a 40 ft jump landed great. I have even drag raced some guys with about $8000 dropped in their banshees, they get me out the whole because I cant launch a bike for nothin but it pulls so hard i catch them and then put about two bike lengths on them. I hurt some feelings.

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