Just did the BK mod

Just did the Bk mod to my 2000 426. Wanted to put the boyesen quickshot on there too, but no local dealers had one so I'll have to order one later.

Goin' to pick up an air filter right now so I'll give a full report on how it works.

I got the carb all cleaned and stuff so maybe that will help it more than anything.

In the mean time any comments on the BK mod????


I did the bk mod to my 01 426...got the squirt down to .7 of a second..

I have never had any trouble starting this bike...I went up a jet size on the main and richened up the pilot..This machine runs great and is so reliable..

Starts all the time, never an isssue..

Not trying to sound stupid but what is the BK mod???? Any links to this.

Well, took the bike out and it does feel tons crisper. But due to the crappy weather I won't be able to ride for a couple of days at least. I've got to get things adjusted and then I'll know how it turned out. but as of now it looks promising.

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