Honda acknowledges the footpeg problem, sort of...

I sent a letter into Honda Customer Service. In this letter I noted my long history (20 years) of owning Honda products; cars, bikes, quads, and snowblowers. I also noted my disappointed in the right hand footpeg of the XR650R and asked for them to reimburse me the cost to fix it (1x International, Johnny Campbell's endorsed peg $150.)

They did say they were aware of this issue, but its failure is due to poor maintenance, not poor design. I am supposed to make sure the bolts are always torqued properly and when they do bend or break, replace them. Again, "it is a maintenance issue". :thumbsup:

I am meticulous with my bikes and have no problem with maintenance. It comes with the territory.

I am going to fix my bike properly with the Kritter fix and strongly reconsider my Honda loyalty.

I love the BRP and will have it a long time, but my next purchase will not be a Honda.

Feel free to call the Honda Customer Rep, Bill, at 1-866-784-1870 to discuss his "maintenance explanation". :thumbsup:

Honda has known about this issue. I've personally spoke to people in their R&D group and they positively know about this issue, but politics and liability issues get in the way. The best thing to do (besides getting it fixed the right way) is to report it to both the NHTSA and the CPSC. The only way to put pressure on Honda to get this resolved is to get enough people to file complaints with these government agencies. If people would have been filing complaints with these agencies from 1999 on, then we'd have a public database and history to work with. Complaints brought to dealers often die at the dealer and never make it to Honda and the public has no way of knowing just how many complaints have been brought to Honda's attention. Asking Honda is useless because they're sometimes going to tell you that they've never heard of this issue or that it's a maintenance issue, etc.

'ANYBODY' who has or had the right foot peg issue 'should' report it to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The CPSC is the correct agency to report issues concerning dirtbikes and ATV's. Make sure to tell the person at the CPSC that this is a "LIFE THREATENING" issue and you've heard of other people having this SAME PROBLEM.

Here's the phone number to the CPSC: 1-800-638-2772

Here's the link to the CPSC:

The NHTSA is technically the wrong place to report dirt bike issues to, BUT...they do have dirt bike problems recorded in their database and I would highly suggest ALSO filing a complaint with the NHTSA at the following link. This is the *ONLY* way to get Honda to take notice of this issue!

U.S. Department of Transportation

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Office of Defects Investigation

NVS-210, 400 7th Street, SW

Washington, DC 20590

EVERY bike has some flaws, weak points, poor designs etc... that never gets fixed. Now that I think about it, nearly EVERY product you buy has these *extra features*. It's an unfortunate by product of humans making mistakes and high production. It just happens.

As for the right hand footpeg problem. I agree it is not the best design. Throwing new bolts at it doesn't fix the original problem, it's just a band aid. After 6 years of production, they haven't changed it, and they never will. Do you believe ANY company would issue a worldwide fix for this after 6 years of production? Show me that company if you do.

Fortunately the problem is widely known, so WE CAN do something about it. Install the shim kit from srcinc, or engineer your own fix like Critter, or buy better bolts and replace them frequently.

If you don't like Honda anymore and decide to boycott them, good for you. Just wait until you buy that new Kawasaki/Suzuki/KTM/Husky etc... and find out that NONE OF THOSE BIKE'S ARE PERFECT EITHER. At the rate you are going, you will boycott yourself out of any bike at all.

Sorry to be salty, your post just struck me as unecessarily dramatic. Look at it this way. I would rather have a bike where I had to spend chump change to fix stupid little problems, than have to worry about whether or not my motor is going to explode or some other expensive problem. I don't worry about those expensive problems with my XR650R. Before you accuse me of being a blinded Honda fanatic, I'll mention one thing; Honda CRF's and the valve and tranny issues. Now those are some problems to get excited about.

Ride on.

...Do you believe ANY company would issue a worldwide fix for this after 6 years of production?...

I believe you're absolutely right. It's too late in the game here, but it still can't hurt to report these problems. If everyone who had this issue reported it to a public database, then there would have been a much better chance of getting this fixed by now.

As you said, every bike out there has flaws, strengths & weaknesses, etc. I've owned a lot of bikes in the 35+ years I've been riding and the 650R has been one of the better bikes I've ever owned, which is one of the reasons I own a couple of them :thumbsup:

Heck, I went with the Kritter fix. Short money, easy to install. I look at it this way. If you spend more than 3 hours of your time and effort trying to get the fix for free, your loosing money... Time IS money!

The Fix

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