Sputtering At Top End/wot

Just got an 06 wr45f, planned to break it in gently, but after 10 miles had to do the free ($40,) mods. (All the talk about a transformation was underrated- it's 10 times the bike it was as stock...but I'm preaching to the chior.) Anyway...when I open it up it starts to sputter at the very top of it's revs. It pulls like a beast until it's upper revs.

So, as you know, it's all stock except for the mods listed is the AIS-Yamaha kit. (AIS out,gray wire mod (there's only one right?) throttle stop, pilot jet, jet needle (at 4th from either end) 2turns out on the fuel screw, airbox, pea shooter out,)

Any sugesstions..I'm in phoeix, 75 degrees about 1200ft elev.

Welcome. We had similar symptoms with our TTR125, sputtering at very top, and the cure was a larger main jet, which is also the only one you have not changed. :thumbsup:

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