clutch problem

I realized after riding for a little bit that my clutch didn't have enough freeplay in it and it was slipping. I probably road 20 miles maybe for an hour or so like this. my question is would this be enough to wear out my plates or should they hold up to the abuse. the bike is an 05yz450. thanks

i reaslize you should have about a nichols worth of free play at the clutch lever, but how much free play at the actuator arm? i may have done the same thing. hopefully you didn't wear your clutch plates out, like i did on mine. i just bought a set from the tt store oem friction plates steel plates and springs, i felt it was a good deal and i was glad to help tt especially for all the help they have been to me.

It's hard to answer your question w/o the particulars but here's what you do........

after the bike cools down, adjust the clutch properly and go for a spin on a hard surface. Put the bike in 3rd at a low speed and rev it a bit and dump the clutch. If it bogs, you're OK............if it still slips, get some new plates. :thumbsup:

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