clutch boss?

i,m still got the clutch apart just bought oem friction plates,steel clutch plates and springs all oem through the tt store thanks. while having it apart i noticed some scoring iside the clutch boss where the first friction plate would make contact, should i replace? also is the clutch boss suppose to move freely about 1 1/2" either direction ? the second i rotate the basket it will move the rear tire either way, so i'm assuming thats working ok. thanks again for the inputs

had the same problem with mine either something got in there and scored it or it was a poor machining job from the get go. its only $55 OEM. considering the aftermarket ones are $200+ its a pretty good deal :thumbsup:

thanks nc for getting back with me. i been looking on ebay to see whats available i'm leaning towards a hinson unit but that $55.00 for oem may lean me more towards oem. thanks again john

The GYT-R Clutch Boss is a Hinson part for less than a Hinson retail price. Keep it in mind if you can't find a deal on a Hinson.

thanks gray racer also there are some yz tripple clamps on ebay right now pro circuit upper and lower nice looking set but i don't think there the same offset that you run on your yz. if you don't mind what brand tripple clamps you running to get the 22 1/2 offset? thanks john

The clamps are from Applied

thanks grayracer after i get finished with replacing the clutch, i will be looking for some offset clamps to help the bike turn better

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