Hand Gaurds

Any recommendations on hand gaurds for a 650R? Considering the Acerbis Uniko or possibly the Rally Pro, but I am open to other makes and models. Big difference in the cost ($35 vs $75, respectively). I do a lot of fire road and trail riding.


I went with Moose and really like them. Might be a concideration.

Check out the Tusk D-Flex Handguards from rockymountainatv.com. I put them on my 650l and added the spoilers for added protection. The are very well made and the price is excellent. I compared them to my neighbors Acerbis units on his KTM and we both felt the Tusk product is superior....

I've been very happy with the ones from Tusk (have to buy from Rocky Mtn since it's there deal). The price is about as good as you'll find for full protection. They look pretty good too.

I too have the husk hand guards and like them with the exception of the clamps. These are IMO poorly designed.



I wrote Rocky Mountain about how easy these broke and they sent me out another set of clamps for free. I put the new ones away and put on some I had from a older set of pro ralley guards and now all is perfect.

Cycra Probends.

I'm using, Acerbis Rally Pro guards with shorter levers... :thumbsup: .. :thumbsup:

Do any fit without cutting the levers?

I second the Enduro Engineering stuff. I've been using them for years without complaints.

I went with the moose but any aluminum guard that has replaceable plastic should work great. I had to cut the balls off the levers on the 650L.

I really like the Cycra Pro Bend, especially with the triple-clamp mount.

The bend in the metal and the shape of the plastic give you tons of room for your hands. The triple-clamp mount is super stout and frees up room on your bars. Plenty of room for the cables, no need to cut the levers, they never come loose even in a tip over.



:thumbsup: \ :thumbsup::bonk:

Cycra Pro Bends.

I went with Moose originally.

Loved the hell out of them, but they are seriously b0rked now. Time to replace, think I'm going to go with a pair of Cycra's this time.

Do any fit without cutting the levers?

The Tusk work great. I just installed mine with no problems with the levers. The plastic can also be replace for around 10to 15 bucks.

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