Yamaha S1 Suspension oil

Does anyone know what is so special about yamaha's s1 fork oil that they want $23 a can?? Or is it just another overly expensive factory product? Recommended for 2005 forks.

Thanks for your input!

I changed out the s1 to 5wt and it was too harsh. I put the s1 back in. You could probably put 2 1/2 weight in and it will work. I just didn't want to mess with it again since I knew how the s1 felt.

Thanks for the input Bandit

yamie oil is kyb 01 which kawasaki sold in their bottles for less $$. You might want to check to see if they still sell it.

After been using YS1, Castrol, Shell I can truly recommend you MOTUL 2,5 W for USD forks :thumbsup:

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