Chain slapping the subframe on a 2006 WR

I can see that the chain on my 2006 WR is hitting the inside of the left hand subframe tube. Although I only have 230 miles on the bike, there seems to be considerable wear, I'm concerned. I have checked the chain adjustment several times to ensure that the chain slack is at the minimum specification. I don't recall that this occured on my 2003 WR. Anyone with this problem have a fix? Does the wear stop after awhile? Or, can I expect the chain to saw through the subframe tube?

I went a little tighter on the chain adjust to solve the problem. Find that sweet spot where the chain doesn't bind, and doesn't hit the subframe. Some have gone so far as to tape the subframe, or add an additional protection.

Check the below thread :thumbsup: The pics show what I've done.

I have adjusted my chain slack at the min recommended 48mm. It now still slaps the protector but frame is OK. Ever since the free mods, it's even worse. :bonk: Must be the extra power! :thumbsup:

Good luck with sorting it

Same thing on my 05 with less then 200m on it. Maybe it is expected, and the best thing would be some form of shield as shown. I am going to bring it up with my dealer, as my chain was adj, by them and is still on the min. side. My tank decals are bubbling off (no spilled gas), so maybe a new sub frame and decals should happen. Obviously this is a factory design issue, and I will just have a bud Tig on some mounts for a replaceable shield on the new/old sub-frame. Should not have to do it, but even if they replace the sub-frame it will continue based on what everyone says. Yes, they are dirt bikes for hard riding but give me a few months at least. The bike rips for sure

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