Back Fire

Hello I have a WR426F and when i ride home from work sitting on 110 Ks for a bout 2 Ks i come off the throttle and sometimes it back fires any ideas??

turn your pilot screw out about a half turn.

The pilot screw is out about 1 1/4 turns (the one trough the float bowl) .

would the hot weather make it do yhis its around 38C.

does turning it out richen the mixture?

SOME backfiring upon de-celeration is normal....if it back fires a lot upon de-celeration, than you are too lean.

Yes, turning the screw so that it comes out does make the bike richer, while turning it in leans it out. I highly recommend an aftermarket fuel screw like the Zip-Ty or an equivalent.

I like to adjust the fuel screw so that I get an occasional back-fire upon de-celeration; this is where it seems to run best.

Thanks for your help

Paul where are you in Oz? And what kind of sprocket setup and tires do you run for commuting on the WR?? Seems a different but somehow mildy appealing idea..

I live only 2km from work and its more or less out of my road a long straight then im at work. My bike still has the standard tyres and sprockets but i need a new rear tyre , im looking at a Metzeler ENDURO 3 SAHARA.

i live in WA oz

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