xr650r speedo

i am looking into a speedometer for an xr650 i am picking up and wanted to know my options. i know trailtech makes a digital one. i am looking for a geardriven one i would like to use the existing cable that the xr already comes with and just plug that into some unit that is for sale. only problem is every time i search the internet for a speedometer all that is coming up is digital ones. anybody know where i can get one.

Sometimes they show up on eBay under dual sport speedometer, etc. Sunday afternoons and evenings are a good time to check eBay for deals on things.

This is my $30 ebay find with 0 miles on it.


i like the one mudshark posted. not sure about the key though. only because i am going with the trick dualsport kit and i am actually not sure if that comes with a key or not. if it does then i really don't want two keys.

adam, give this one a look...

Service Honda Unit

My son found an analog speedo off an old XL350 at a local salvage yard, connected to the existing cable on his BRP, cost $10.

Search for the ATK speedo thread. Really nice looking with speed range that makes sense. $40 if still available.

Buy the one off Ebay with the key. I bought one and really like it. Workmanship is excellant. Easy to hook up. Speedometer is fairly accurate. Works off your stock odometer cable :thumbsup:

I'd have been ordering that ebay unit if I hadn't seen that ATK model. It's uses the stock odometer drive too.

Someone posted that Baja Designs is supposed to be offering a keyed ignition for $30 sometime this month.


NICEEEEEEEEE....... :thumbsup:

Yes they do, thats the same one I used, I also used the Baja Designs Speedo.

It also runs off of the stock drive and cable. :thumbsup:

30 for the Ignition and

60 for the speedo

For some reason the speedo off a xt600, any year will work. Get one second hand for a few $. Just plug and go.

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