Thaughts on kenda millville rubber

Has anyone put on a set of kenda millville front and rear tires and what do you think of them.

i have put exactly them tires on my bike .. but it never left the garage ... the winter came, and i made some studded tires ...

i´ll be happy to hear some thought ot, if its worth to put them back on, they came withe the bike, so i know nothing about them ...

I've used these tires for the past couple years racing hare scrambles in the Northeast, 250-open A class, and they hook up well in muddy, or tight knarly trails. I continue to use them in all my races because the front tire is good rotating in the intermediate terrain, and the rear can be switch from soft to intermediate, which covers most of my tracks. As far as use on hard pack, the side knobs begin chunking if you ride aggressive. They wear well considering the power im putting to them(2003 WR450f 2004 YZ250f and 2006 YZ450f LE.) So I'd suggest using them in softer conditions or loamy surfaces.


I have run Millville's on a couple of my bikes. The traction is very good front & rear, but in all but soft terrain, the side knobs tore/chunked on the rear. I am still using them on the front, but personally would not recommend the rear. A Maxxis Maxcross IT is hard to beat value wise. It hooks up great, lasts forever, and does'nt cost an arm and a leg.

I chunked the snot out of my Millville rear two weeks ago, lost upwards of 40% of the knobs. Was dry, little hardpack, some clay and lots of loose rock. Got a S12 on there now and it's amazing, simply put it has more traction that I know what to do with.

I can waste a Kenda rear tire in a day. I have had real good luck with the Dunlop 952's.

I'd like to try some of those soft compound Kendas for the track. Could be like a RR dunlop. They are also coming out with a "Washougal" that looks pretty nice and the price is right. I have a pair of the Maxis on my woods bike and they are working nice and I have a hard time letting go of the 756 combo for the track. If you want some real traction try the RR's. They hook up nice on the hard pack when the track starts to dry out at the end of the day.

I also had a problem with the rear on the Kenda Millville chunking out.

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