2005 450 wr jetting ?'s

My local shop just got my ais kit in and I'm getting ready to get it put in. I would like to know if a 170 main plus what is in the kit work for me here in western NY or would the 168 be better? Then it's just a matter of the airbox deal and the exhaust I just want to have everything I will need to do the work. Thank you for your help or should I say thak you all for spending my money for me.

Depends on your temp and altitude, check Indy's jetting chart. The 168 is probably right unless it's pretty cold but check.

I'm in PA at about 1000 ft.

The 170 seemed rich last week but now with the 60 degree drop the 170 would be a good place to start.

Do the airbox and exhaust at the same time you do the jetting.

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