Fork oil?

Would 7wt oil be good for my 426 forks? I am going to be doing some aggressive riding so I just wonder if thats too thick? Thanks

If your not going to use the stock Kayaba fork oil, try the Mobil 1 atf. The cost is much less than the Kayaba stuff and its a great fork oil. I believe I paid 12 bucks for enough atf to fill my forks. If I remember correctly it was close to being 7 wt.

I did not notice the difference between a 5 wt (stock) and 7. Some may be more sensative to the difference.

i second that on the mobile one atf dextron works great in mine worked well in my old crf450 and worked well in the ktm as well i think i ran 130mm of air space in the yz forks with .49 springs

I'm a big fan of the Yamaha 01 fluid. Pricy but good stuff.

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