Top speed, Kinda dissapointed..

This last weekend I raced the "Vegas to Reno" race in Nevada. It's a 526 mile race that starts in the Las Vegas area and goes all the way up to Reno, Nevada. There were sections on the course that I was able to open her up. I have a 01 WR426 (WR timed),Pro-curcuit T4 pipe, no grey wire, no BK mod. The gearing was 15/48 and I was running a DID gold non o-ring race chain (POS) that stretched every single mile!!! Anyway, I have a Pacemaker 3 computer (very accurate) and a Ty davis magnet. I could only get the thing up to 89 MPH. I figure that I could get another MPH if I was in a full tuck but I couldnt cause I was looking out for course markers. I really thought my bike would go 100MPH. Does anyone have a WR that goes 100 plus?? Im kinda dissapointed.


One thing you might consider is that with the WR timing your limited in your top end run out. You could get pull further up with the YZ timing.

Hope the race went well otherwise. It was perfect weather up here for it. We had a local race the same weekend otherwise I'd have been out to see it.


I've gone 101 mph acording to my gps & confirmed with the trailtec panaram while running 15/50 gearing. It took awhile to break 100 on pavement.

How did your light set-up work? Inquiring minds want to know.

My 13/49 gearing hit 85.6mph according to the topeak panoram (measure wheel circumference, should be fairly accurate). That was scary fast on the WR!

'00 Wr400, Yz timed, jetted per JD specs, WB pipe (tapered header, pro-meg short silencer), BK mod, w/ all free mods

You should have been able to hit 100 or at least 95 I would think with that gearing. I bet the WR timing was limiting the top-end power enough to not pull beyond 85. Also, the exhaust pipe should be tuned for hi-end HP as well--are you running a dez pipe?

That sounds about right on dirt.

I have the same gearing as you and can run 99 on pavement and 89 on a road. The loose stuff sucks up power. This is why the 60 Horsepower big bore two strokes rule and can go 105 in the dirt.

Yes please, details on the race!! I read somewhere that you placed 3rd. What class? Did you have to watch out for the Trophy Trucks and Class 1 buggies or did they start it so that you wouldn't bee around them? I would love to take some time off and do that as a weekend ride or something. How much support did you have to run that race?



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"


i have been running 15T x 48T for a while and never had it rev out in top until the weekend and it must have been flat out in 300yds. brilliant!

i went down to a 160MJ (great on a 155 as well)

(EMM needle)


std euro pipe

mine certainly needs running lean at the top end. i would guess that i could go 15T x 46T now.


Those Trophy trucks are absolutely mind blowing!! I was passed by one once out at Barstow. We weren't racing or anything, he was just out testing. It was the Riviera truck. I was slamming through a whoops section in 4th gear and all of a sudden there was just this deafening rumble and a big ass black F150 passed me in 2' deep whoops. Then again for the price of those trucks they better!! Robbie Gordon sold his old truck for $180,000 for a used truck!!



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

We also ran the V to R. Finished 1st in class (+30 amateur). Our WR (same bike except with YZ cam timing, grey wire mod, BK mod, WB E-Series pipe and 15/46 gear) would rev out fine. I don't know what top speed was but surely was over 100 mph.

We ran the 739's and were okay with them. The front was fine but the back was rough. We had a front flat that we changed at pit 14(?). We also ran the Bridgestone tubes with slime. This was the first flat we've had in 4 trips from V to R running that combination.


MX Tuner

I raced in the "Ironman Am" class which means that I rode it by myself. Im really not that fast but I beat alot of Experts and teams only because I paced myself without many mistakes with the exception of a high speed get-off at mile 396. I didnt get any flats at all which I was happy about considering the winning pro quad got 11 flats. I used bridgestone extra heavy duty tubes filled with Slime. Getting passed by Protrucks and buggies scared me big time at first, honestly words cant explain how fast they go. Larry Roseler past me in his "Terrible Herbst" truck doin MACH with a chopper following him. Their were helicopters all over the skies. I ended up riding about 5 hours at night, I used a 100 Hela bulb in my stock WR light, I was really pleased on just how well it lit up the roads and I actually made up some time on the 2nd place rider on his 520EXC but not enough to catch him. The tires that I have sworn by (IRC M5B rear & Pirelli MT44 front) didnt hold up as well as I have bragged about here on TT, the next day I walked the entire parking lot where all the bikes were and found the Dunlop K739AT were the only tires that were in good condition (all things considering). But I know that the 606 would also go the distance. It has taken me a few days to get my strenth back and I'll be ready to ride in a couple of days. Johnny Campbell and Tim Staab won this race only by 19 seconds over Shane Espizito and his partner. I came in hours later. The award ceremony was really emotional, many of the winners donated thier winnings to the relief fund in New York. Their were some gut wrenching speaches from alot of the winners explaining how great it is to be in america racing off-road. Their wasnt a dry eye in the house of hundreds. I saw the biggest, baddest and fastest guys in the world cry their eyes out, truly impressive and I felt so proud to be apart of something so awsome!!!

Cheers, Dan

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MX Tuner, Dont get me wrong, at 89mph the bike was singing, it cleared out beautifully. Even with your 46 rear I bet you guys couldnt reach 100mph on that dry lake bed near mile 100. I will change my timing after all but I have heard that it will help with acceleration more that top speed. Im really not too worried about top speed however, its just that I really thought I had a 100 mile an hour bike and was a little dissapointed. Congrats on the 1st place finish, just to finish is a great feat!!!!

Dan, I wish I had your problem! My YZ only goes 77 with 14/51 gearing. I tried it with the YZ ign. module (I have a WR stator and black box) an it did 80. Some day I'll get the WR tranny or a 520E/XC with a big tank and not have to worry about it. For most of my riding 77 is never even seen, but it would be nice to have more if I wanted it!


Mark...00 426 w/plates,and $4000.00 of other attachments!

Dan, I'm not sure of the gearing we ended up with. They got that sorted out before I got there. They said they had to gear down a little because they were way high at first. It wouldn't pull the monster gearing they started out with. Two years ago we got 113mph out of a KTM 620.


MX Tuner

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