Help... Lost my oil dip stick while riding.

I am afraid mud got in my oil, how do I clean out my engine before putting oil back in? Should I use some solvent or gas to clean out the engine before putting new oil back in? Hopefully everything is fine, she was running fine when I left the track.


What kind of bike?

Is there a lot of dirt around then hole where the dipstick goes? If yes, flush the engine w/ kerosene then ATF. I would even start it for about a minute w/ the ATF then drain it all out and change the filter too. Refill w/ fresh oil and change it after a tank of gas. Right now, you don't want to stretch you oil. :thumbsup:

That happened to my bro last year up in the mountains. It was so rainy and muddy and slick. He crashed and broke it off about 10 miles from the truck. I broke a pine limb in put the stick in the hole and he rode out. I just did like two real quick oil changes, and you could see the garbage, and it turned out fine. Bike runs like a champ to this day.

What bike do you have??

It is an 06 450.

just checking. I had an extra for an '03-05 if you still needed one.

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