Will 2 wr450s fit in the back of a d-cab short bed tacoma??

Im at the Toyota stealership right now deciding wether to buy a short bed or a long bed. Does anyone have a d-cab short bed th at hauls around two dirt bikes in the back without any problems? Any quick replies would be great as I am going to buy with in an hour. Has anyone ever seen a d-cab short bed haul around two dirt bikes?

i have a double cab long bed and i can carry 2 dirt bikes but not with the tailgate up. i think the short bed will carry the bikes but the back tire will be closer to the end of the tailgate with it down.

How do you like the long bed? How does it handle and take corners? I like the look of the d-cab offroad package better but it isnt offered with the long bed. I just totaled a access cab with or package and that is why im in the market for a new rig.


dont use those gay plastic tie-down cleats. THEY WILL BREAK!!! your bike WILL FALL OVER, and maybe fall OUT of the truck. Have some custom tie down points installed, or do it yourself. Trust me, i know.

Not going to fit two. Barely if at all you can fit one at a angle from front corner to rear corner. To each his own, but get the rig you want, and a cheap trailer will haul two easily. Shop around, and you can find a good 12" tired trailer for a couple hundred or less.

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