Standard Valve Shim Size range??

I have just done a valve clearance check on my 04 wr450 after 1000km (600 miles). Both the exhaust valves are on the lower value of the spec (0.20mm) and two inlets valves are on 0.10mm (min spec) and the third is on 0.08mm, which is below spec.

Rather than buy individual shims from the dealer, I figure it will be much more economical to buy a Hotcams shim kit. I plan just to buy the 'topup" kit rather than the full kit. In order to get the best range of shims suited to what I need, could anyone please advise me of the range of the standard size shims fitted to their 04 wr450's for both inlet and exhaust. I fully understand that there is no such thing as a standard size shim, but I would like to get some kind of feel of what the range of standard shims are, that have been fitted to other bikes.


Not many people have re-shimed - that is why we brought yamaha's!

I would personally get 2 packs, the 1.50 - 1.75 and the 1.80 - 2.05.

Clearances close up, I haven't seen them open before, so these 2 packs will give you everything you need.

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