Tip for Handling Skid Plate Spacers

Thought I'd share this trick I used to simplify installing my skid plate. This works for Devol skid plates or any design that uses loose standoff spacers to mount the skid plate to the stock mounting holes in the frame.

Get some O-rings that have a slightly smaller I.D. than the 6mm mounting screws - I used 3/16" I.D. x 5/16" O.D. obtained from the local hardware store. With the skid plate loose in your hands, take the screws, slip on flat washers and insert the screws through the bottom of the skid plate. Put the standoff spacers over the ends of the screws followed by the O-rings. The O-rings act as keepers for the screws and prevent them from falling out their respective holes. Now you can bolt on your skid plate without worrying about three individual spacers moving out of position.

Devol.......... are you listening?

There is one other step I forgot to mention - you need to countersink the ends of the spacers slightly to allow the O-rings a place to go when things get tightened, otherwise they will get crushed flat. I used a hand drill with a 90 degree countersink bit but I think a 3/8" drill bit would work as well. In my case the spacers were plastic and they took less than 5 minutes to modify. If I wasn't such a techno-tard :thumbsup: I'd post some pics to help illustrate........maybe one of you savvy computer types can tell me how to go about it.

As much as I'd like to take credit for it, this idea has been around for a long time but the skid plate assembly is a perfect application for it. Works great for any situation where you need to keep loose hardware together on a screw.

The easy stuff is just too obvious. Just installed my Devol, and used grease but the o-ring was too easy to figure out. Will use this in the future for sure. What is up with the non flange head type bolts with devol. I am not a fan of torx or allen, but a flange head would be perfect for this. I used the stock at first, but just replaced them. THANKS for the tip. :thumbsup:

Glad you could use the tip. Its nice to be able to pull the skid plate off periodically to clean out the gunga that gets trapped under the frame and not have to deal with a bunch of loose hardware.

I agree, flange heads would have been nice. I don't understand why some companies who sell a quality product give you doggy-doo grade 2 cheapo fasteners along with it - think they could spend another $.30 to maintain a reputation for total quality. :thumbsup:

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