Since my girlfriend started to learn to ride, I have had pleany of time to practice wheelies. I can't seem to remember the rear brake thing, but I am working on that. I am also working on the shifting thing. My question is clutch or no clutch. I am having better luck with no clutch during a wheelie. All in all, I still suck at wheelies. They scare me. I looped it once this winter and I didn't like it.

I don't use a clutch at all when doing wheelies. Not to pop it up or keep it going. I also don't shift. I get up to the balance point and go from there. My hardest thing is keeping it going straight and not leaning over in the lower gears. Wheelies in 4th and 5th are pretty easy for me cause I tend to go straight at higher speeds.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

I don't know how you guys do it.

I just changed my gearing to 15/52 (before 14/52) cause i thought my wheel always spins to much.

Never the less NO RESULT.

First and second gear lifts pretty easaly but in higher gears i don't seem to manage to lift it.

WR400 00, YZ timed, Laser silencer

This bike kicks so much ass at wheelies! I live on a Dairy farm with lots of flat fields that are ideal for pulling the front up. What I do is sit a little further back on the seat, be about 1/2 throttle, give it gas and pull back just a tad. Have your foot over the break lever just in case the dreaded happens. It takes practice, but you could not have picked a better bike for it. I have wheelied for almost a half of a mile once using this method. I have recently been focusing on shifting and have been able to go from 1st through 5th. I generally like them in 3rd then shift to 4th. Good luck and be careful!

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If you like wheelies try a FHN needle. you wont believe it!!!!!!!! :)


I find wheelies are easiest when the bike is around 4-5000 rpm (approximately of course). Third and fourth gear seems to be the best for these type of wheelies, just crack the sucker with a little tug on the bars and it comes up very easily. I feel more control with wheelies starting in 3rd or 4th, then the first two. Comes up real fast in second, so be careful.

i have a 250F, so my style will be different to you gents with the power. i start in either 2nd or 3rd and use the clutch to pop the front wheel. i don't see any reason why you wouldn't use the clutch because its the same thing as poping the wheel to go over a log or ditch, where picking up extra speed isn't really desireable. but anyway, once you are up there, you need to adjust the height of the front wheel by feathering the throttle on and off until the balance point is found. i always use the clutch to change gears, and i use it even while doing monos. if you have found the balance point or you are balancing with the throttle, theres no reason why you can't use the clutch.

Mike, i have been doing wheelies for almost a year, and have only just worked it out in the last few weeks! keep at it. i think its a confidence thing, but seeing that glossy blue fender up in the sky is a beautiful site worth practising for. always keep your foot over the brake as a last resort to avoid the worst case scenario. its not as important as when riding a two stroke because of the engine braking of the thumper, but its a good habit to learn and keep for the future. Tell us when it all comes together for you!

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