What's the worst you've ever gotten hurt riding?

broke radius and ulna in left arm with a splinter up my ulna 6". turn 1 in 2nd and some junior rider riding up in the senior class blasted into me and the handlebar caught my arm and snap! fell over got up and picked the bike up, pulled in the clutch to kick it over, ouch! dropped the bike and sat down on a bale. EMT says "looks like a nice sprain" as there is a huge bulge sticking down from the bottom of my arm about 2" up from my wrist. 10* bend put in full cast for 2 months comes out with 13* bend in my arm. finally grew out of the bump, but the bone is really close to the skin, so it kills to bump it. not bad though, i've had some real nasty biffs but usually only had a concussion.

Slid into a tree. Broke tib/fib and crushed knee. Tore all the ligiments. Felt blow to stomach. It was the sole of my boot. Stretched out my perineal nerve and killed it. Lost movement in ankle. Docs said it was time to amputate, but One said he thought he could fix it. Ha ha said the others. After 5 1/2 hour surgery and three months recovery, I was riding again. It pays to shop your Doc and ask medical persons whos best.

Cracked my sternum in two different incidents. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Coming over a step-up and broke my wrist, and tore ligaments in the other.

Snapped both bones in the lower leg. The bad part was It happened in the jungle on an Island (guam). Had to be trucked out and stupid me I undid my boot once in the truck and ya know the rest of the story.

Broke my back & leg, 2 seperate incidents. :thumbsup:

broke both collar bones not at the same time caused by looking behind me first time got arm in sling to much "rash" for normal pull back thing now i use mirrors lol

I broke all the bones in my left hand, shattered my pinky knuckle, and broke two bones in my wrist. I was heading home from my practice track and a huge dog jumped out of some bushes in front of me, I hit the dog and flew about 60 feet, the bike landed on my hand. Yes, I did kick the dog, but it was already dead.

This one isn't mine but I got to see it happen. My riding buddy brought a freind out for a ride in Jawbone. We were going up a ridge were the wind was blowing from right to left. The trail crossed over to where there was now protection from the wind and you would get pushed by the wind (40mph) at the crest. The new guy was infront of me and as he went over the crest the wind caught him like a sail and pushed him back over the hill, he hit a rock about 4' by 4' head one going about 35 mph, brutal. He butterflied his knee from top to bottom. We had to do some 4x4 work to get him out of there. When we got to the hospital the doctor was pissed because he would not let them sew it up until I got a few pictures with the camera. The guy is OK but I think he went back to riding quads, he thinks the bikes are to dangerous.

Level three concusion once. Lots of broken ribs. And a couple of hand injuries.

Broken T-4 and T-5 vertabre in my back, broken collar bone, broken foot, 3 broken ribs, fractured wrist, and a torn rotator cuff. Oh and many times a brusied ego! :thumbsup:

i tore the medial meniscus in my knee, fractured some ribs, tore up and dislocated my shoulder, and lots of bumps bruises and scratches

dislocated shoulder, bruised three ribs..... al because i hit a fricken rock :thumbsup:

On Saturday I got a concussion where I was knocked out for 7 minutes

You should have named this thread - "How to make somebody puke on their keyboard and also shit themselves when they think about getting back on their bike".

I don't know how you guys did all that stuff. I've been pretty lucky so far.. just the usual concussions and mild sprains. No major get-offs.


Oh, that's easy. I severely fractured my spine at T-4, had an 8 hour operation, spent 8 days in the neuro-trauma ICU, have 2 rods and 10 screws in my back, and won't ride again for one year. How's that??





I think I got you beat, or at least it's a tie.

Shattered T-8 (if I remember right, happened 13 years ago), 8 hours of surgery, 4 days ICU, 5 weeks in the hospital, bone grafts and plenty of metal in my back, 8 weeks in a body cast, spinal cord injuries (so the doctors didn't know if I was going to walk out of the hospital, or roll out in a wheel chair, for the rest of my life)

Took me about 6 months to heal to 80% and two years for full recovery. I still have minor muscular weakness in my left quad, which I only notice when perfoming strenuous activities.

I ride and compete and go about life, as I did before. Funny thing was the doctor strongly recommended I never ride again, but he said it was ok to ski after one year. I told him I fall a lot more skiing, than riding my bike. :thumbsup:

A couple weeks ago I had my feelings hurt by a kid who said I was slow. Same kid also bruised my ego. Other than that I've been pretty lucky.

At least you didn't break you sense of humor!

Someday you'll get old and fragile, like the rest of us.

Torn ACL,PCL, damaged miniscus and bit the tip of my tounge off. One thing I learned from this is not to tell, "OH ****" right be4 you crash. The flagger said he heard me and called me a ragdoll. Then got to ride on the mule then taken to the hospital only to be sent home. Soon as I get home legs swells to the size of a basketball because of a blood clot that pain was worth than the crash.

Broken thumb when I was 12...

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