Fluidyne rads with what guards?

Hey fellow ttr's

I was wondering if anybody knows first hand if Devol Rad guards will fit over Fluidyne rads? Got my new rads, however I am reluctant to buy guards till I know what fit's. Stock plastic guards no longer fit either. Anybody got these rads?

bump up!

Yes , I run Devols with my Fluidynes, no mods were necessary but it's tight and helps to have a 1/4" drive setup with a wobbly on your 8mm socket :thumbsup: You'll love those rads, but I would look at the Unabiker guards, I thionk those will be my next guards

Good luck

the unabikers fit them,i couldn't get the backside brace to work with my clarke tank. not sure if it was the fluidynes or the tank that was the problem or both :thumbsup: but the fronts are triangulated with the frame and rad enough that its quite strong without the brace in back(and the rads themselves are at least twice as strong as stock). i've hit trees a couple times now(one stopped me dead right into the fins at about 15mph!) with no damage :thumbsup: with the unabikers you can shave the backside of the plastic louvres off(about 3/8") and zip tie them in front of the gaurds,the airslot rows line up perfectly .

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