Brake disc

Since i took away the sharp edges of every hole on the rear brake disc, my brakes seems to last forever.

Before, two sunday rides and they were gone.

That's strange. I've been using the stock pads (though lot's of mud and muck) on my '00 since new (appx 1400-1600 miles).

The front is very close to being spent, the rear looks fine! I definitely use the front more than the rear.

Do you think you got a badly machined disk? Is it just your rear brake?

Anyone else going through pads like our Belgium friend? Never heard of this problem...

like you, carp, i had about 1400 miles on the original pads until i replaced them this past weekend just because i was doing some comprehensive maintenance.... the stock pads had plenty of life left (kept 'em for possible future emergency use) & i've never had problems even with moderate to heavy front brake useage. interested to hear the forum speak.... bobwombat

hey bob you asked if i had adjusted the valves no(should i). i am waiting to hear the tick (may not the exhaust is tooo loud).i am going to try out the YZ timming when i do this job. back to the brakes. i have put 1000mi on my bike in almost 5 months and they look good. front and rear.



not yz timmed yet

some mods

Since were on the subject of brakes.....Mine have been spongey since day one. I thought about changing the lines to steel braided just in case it's a problem with line flex. I've bled them a couple of times so I know theres no air in the lines. The big pain in the butt is that I really have to stomp the back break to get it to lock up. Even on pavement (not a regular event).

Suggestions ?

Bonzai :)


I keep telling folks to get the fastline steel brake lines if they are having problems stopping. You WILL NOT be disappointed!

I didn't feel like the rear needed them, but I got them anyway-Just in case.

Also, brake fluid is important. I'm just using castrol GTX DOT4. Whatever you use, be sure to comletely flush the old fluid as to not contaminate the new stuff. Speedbleeders or the mityvac tool are miracle workers for bleeding brakes.

I had the same problem with my '99 YZ rear breaks. There was a hole in the bladder in the master cylinder. I replaced the parts with the rebuild kit and now the breaks are great.

Hey slashman,

There is a danger if you don't do regular valve clearance checks. If your valves tighten up (lose clearance)and don't seat completely you can burn up valves in a hurry.

My exhaust valves tightned up during break in. I actually put in a thinner shims to get the exhaust clearance back to the middle of tolerance range. But hey, I'm anal about this kind of stuff.


old guy and gps geek


Ditto on the above. I think the valves are more likely to tighten up and you won't hear anything.

In the one valve adjustment I had to do, I had to go with smaller shims to increase the clearance.

400 miles on my 01-wr426 and the valve adjustment was perrrrfect.....brakes...not a problem so far.

well you guys got me thinking and so i went home from work this morning and had to check them. and i did the YZ timming and all went well. the valves were SPOT ON. so maybe i will not check them for a long time now.



not yz timmed yet

some mods

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