exhaust 2006xr650l

I would like to know where you are finding exhaust such as super trapp or white bros for the 650l.all I can find are for the 650r . :thumbsup: thanks

I have a 2006 XRL and I bought this brand new still in original packing Wileyco exhaust on ebay for only $100.00. It was for a XR600 but most people dont realize that they are interchangeable. Check out the pic. http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e388/kelleyseiler/XR650L3.jpg

or this one http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e388/kelleyseiler/MODS%20to%202006%20XR650/HappyTrailsRack.jpg

It is all stainless steel and repackable. Here are a couple of exhausts on ebay right now. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/NEW-HONDA-XR600-TUNEABLE-PIPE-MUFFLER-EXHAUST-SILENCER_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35573QQitemZ4621755556QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW


check them out

at least as far as the Supertrapp IDS2, (which I have), the rockymountainmc website has the model you want for your 'L', listed as XR600, they fit perfectly .. :thumbsup:

Ordered my White Bros. E2 @ the dealership. Paid $320. I heart it. Without the arrestor it's LOUD, but I prefer it that way on the street just so people can hear me. Otherwise just slip in the arrestor and hit some trails

thanks for the info.

i too bought a w.b. e2 silencer. got it on ebay for 287.00. it is sweet!! there was/is a guy selling these on ebay in the xr650l section. check em out! :thumbsup::confused::thumbsup::cry::bonk::bonk::confused::bonk:

If you just so happen to come across a Yoshimura RS3, I would highly recommend it, I absolutely love mine.

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