05 Wr450

i am picking up a 05 WR450 on tuesday. I am tall and usaully put tall seat foam on my bikes. Just wondering if the seat is the same as the YZ?

Sorry no! Two different part numbers from yamaha

yeah, I'm in the same boat. I had a 1/2" taller seat foam on my yzf and of course it wont fit. In fact, most of my aftermarket products won't fit on my new 2005 WR :thumbsup: But, the '05 is pretty tall already and slim. I'm 6'3" and I feel comfortable aboard it.

congrads on the bike. I rode one and they rip.

Dude, you are gonna be stoked! Just got an '05 WR450 myself this weekend and I'm still grinning from that first ride!

I'm 6'4" and the seat height is fine.

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