Good Dealerships in Tn or NC for a Yammie

Hey Fellas I just sold my banshee and am looking at entering the world of the 4 stroke! :thumbsup: I live in western NC and am wondering if yall know of a good dealership in this area who sells the 06 450 for a pretty good $? I've been told of a honda dealer in Tn that has excellent prices ( $5700 otd) but havent found a Yammie dealer yet? I know theres one out there though!

Looking forward to getting a 4 stroke and Thanks for the help, Chad.

I got my yamaha from Kingsport. Super nice people and excellent price. Back in 04 i got my 450f for $5800 out the door. I'm pretty sure cost on them right now is around $5600. My price was with tax too. Since your out of state you should be able to get one for 5900 OTD. You could also check out Morristown Yamaha. They also have excellent deals on yam450's. If you go there ask for Chris Dey and tell him Rucka sent you.

I'm not sure how far away from Abernathy's you are, but everybody says they have the best deals.

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