evac insurance in Baja?

hey there,

Has anyone out there purchased any evac insurance that they would recomend? I posted this question a few days ago on the 'general' forum and didn't get much in the way of answeres. Figured I'd try it out here since this Baja trip will consist of three 650's. So here's the scoop. Heading to Baja for a week and figured it might be a good idea (recently heard some horror stories) to get some evac insurance. I'm of course looking for quality but don't really need ALL of the bells and whistles which might take it into crazy-expensive-land. Thanks

Its worth getting to know Bi-National.

Check out the International Forum-theres a current string on this subject. Also a number of strings about baja.

I've been checking out the google search route and comparing them with Binational and it seems like Binational is a bit steep in-terms what they offer. We'll be in Baja for nine days so I was hoping for a short-term-one-shot kind of deal. I'm still hunting around but maybe you're right about Binational. Thanks for the reply.

Check your insurance about air flights for emergencies verified by a Doctor out of country and paying for it with an AMX card or otherwise. :thumbsup:

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