Bending back some Renthal bars?

Anyone have some advice on how to bend some Renthal bars back into their proper shape? :thumbsup: A tree and I had a little dispute on who should move during my first harescramble... I don't think we settled the argument, as both of us wouldn't give. :thumbsup:

Eitherway, my right side is bent up and back a little bit; not enough to make the bike unworkable, but enough to notice the front end feels a bit weird.

The Metal Is Fatiuged. The Desire To Straighten Bars Has Probably Happened To Every One But Most Good Bars Are A Type Of Aluminum, Aluminum Likes To Hard Landing And You Could Get Alot More Than You Bargained For.if It Were Steel And Extemely Minor You Might Get Away With It.

I agree. Dont straighten aluminum bars. They will break. I tried it myself. I was lucky and they did not damage me, but they sure could have. Replace them.

Listen to what people are saying. I had a nephew crash with already bent Renthals. They shattered into several very jagged pieces that could have cut him open like a melon. It was a miracle he didn't come in contact with any of those sharp pieces when he landed. Once they're bent, scrap 'em! :thumbsup:

Toss em and replace with new.

Yeah, what they said, scrap em! One way you can save money, if you cut your bars and run barkbusters, checkout Renthals for a kx or cr 80. They usually cost about 40% less. Im not sure on the price. The last pair i got back in 2000, and I am still running them! They have been on 3 diff. bikes and a bunch of harescrambles!

I had a set of Renthals break on the face of a 50' table top. The end result was my bike cartwheeling thru the air into another rider and one severely trashed ankle. I use Pro Tapers now.

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