Converting YZ to wet sump.

I read in April 06 that to save additional weight, Yamaha of Troy converts all their race rides from dry sump to wet sump.

How are they doing this?

How much wight can be shaved off?

Can this be done to a WR and are there risks?

Ok they save the wieght of oil in the frame, how much hotter is the oil in the sump, I will stick to stock.

Its Hard To Argue With The Experts( Troy) But Regardless Of The Vehicle I Always Thought The Idea Of A Dry Sump Was To Reduce Oil Windage From The Crank Shaft Etc. And Increasing Power And Response.

Yeah, your right.

The pro teams can afford the rebuilds if necessary. I was just curious.

It looks like they run the races on much less oil capacity.

They dont just do it to save weight, they do it to lower the center of gravity by removing oil from high up on the frame.

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