installing engine ice where is the lowest plug?

I am going to try running engine ice instead of antifreeze this year but it says to completely drain the system prior to filling with the engine ice.

Where is the lowest drain plug for the cooling system?

I know I have the radiators cleared out and ready to go but I figured there might be something lower than that.

Thanks, Eric

Lowest water pump cover bolt will drain the entire cooling system. I advise you flush the system with a 50/50 mix of distilled water/vinegar to remove any trace of old coolant. Regular anti-freeze is made of ethylene glycol, Engine Ice is propylene glycol. The two are incompatible.

Vinegar? That will make your bike run sour! :thumbsup:

Cool..... One WR Doushe Coming Up :thumbsup::thumbsup: Thank you!

The old boy at the parts house said one bottle would cover my 426 and then some but it looks too small to fill up the system.

Will one bottle be all I need ?

Thanks, Eric

1 bottle is plenty...SC

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