Anyone install Rally Pros w/triple clamp mount on an 06?

I bought Rally Pro handguards with GYT-R triple clamp mounts for my new 06 and I'm having a little trouble getting them to fit right. The biggest problems are: (1) I'll have to bend the snot out of them to get them to fit and (2) The brake line is getting in the way on the right side. Has anyone else tried to mount these on the 06? I never had these problems on my 00 426 with either set that I put on. FWIW, I'm running Windham bars in the forward position with 10mm risers. I'm tempted to send them back and get Cycra's or try the Acerbis Multiconcept handguards, but I really liked my RP's in the past. Any help would be appreciated!

Waiting to see the replies as I love my Rally Pro II's I have on the 426. I can't decide what kind to put on the '06. Cycra has been second on the list after a new pair of RP IIs.

Hey cowboy.

I put Acerbis Multiplo Enduro with a triple clamp side mounts on my '06. Although they are not RallyPros, I believe the base Acerbis aluminum bar is similar between the two on the end that attaches to the triple clamp.

This is the first time I have used triple clamp side mounts, and although they have advantages, the big disadvantage I have found is that they pretty much 'lock' you into the height at which your right side brake lever can be positioned. I there is a little room for 'play' but not very much. The bar mounts I used with RallyPros on my prior bike were a bit of a pain to install, but were far more flexible re: lever poitioning.

Other than for brake lever positioning, as for fit... the overall fit on the Multiplos is quite good, although the best way for me to install them was to leave all three 'connection points' (1. end of bar; 2. handguard bar to triple clamp mount; 3. Triple Clamp mount to Triple Clamp) loose at first, and then tighen everything up incrementally. Once I figured this out, installation was pretty slick. Prior to trying it this way, I ended up trying to bend the handguard bar while trying to 'catch threads' on a bolt.

BTW... forgot to mention... I am also running Windham bars w/ 10mm risers with my setup.

How do you like the multi's? I'm considering calling Acerbis and seeing if they'll swap me for my RP's. I think I can get them to fit, but it just doesn't seem right to be bending the crap out of new hand guards to get them to fit... I'll keep you updated DBD.

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