best tank 4 426???

which is the best tank the Zip TY 3.25L tank bigger capacity than stock but apparently better or the stock yzf 8L tank???

any other tank suggestions coz i dont ever use all my fuel and the tank is so damn big and bulky... i was thinking the Zip Ty (only $225) one but i think u also have 2 move the hot start???

what r u guys running coz this stock tank is just stupid... :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I'm runnng an IMS 3.4 gal YZ tank and am quite happy with it. The Zip-Ty tank carries the fuel even lower than the stock YZ tank, and you don't have to fill it all the way for moto. You do have to put on a remote hot start lever, but that's a smart mod anyway, and you have to deal with the choke being nearly impossible to get to (may not be a problem in your warm climate). if I had it to do over, I'd go Zip Ty.

I have the Zip ty tank and it is great. It is just like the YZ tank on top but has plenty of extra fuel down low. I like it better than the regular IMS tank. (the Zip ty tank is made for him by IMS) It is much slimmer up top yet still has a good capacity. I have the hot start from Zip ty as well and it is almost a must have with or without the tank. If you don't need the capacity you could also by a yz tank and seat of of ebay. I have an SDG seat and it is great and much more comfortable than stock. The WR tank sucks, I like the YZ style tank and seat much better for manuveralbility.

thanx boys ordered the Zip Ty tank and SDG seat and the hotstart from the website $400 well spent i rekon... cheers again



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