06 yz450 unabiker fit??

i'm sure its been asked but i couldnt' find it,,,do the rad guards for the 250f fit on the 450 without any modification?

Just got mine from Brian on Saturday and putthem on right away....He did say that the 240f gaurds are the same for the 450f and I had no problems getting mine to fit...

Don't have them personally (although contemplating a pair) but I have seen a couple of strings on this site that indicate they are the same for both bikes (250F and 450F).

Confirm w/ Brian.

I'm holding out for the Works Connections braces... I'll post info when they show up.

They look like they offer a lot of fall protection or side impact as well as rock and branch protection.

where can I go to get these unabiker radiator guards, I am going to a trail ride at loretta lynn's at the end of the month and the trails can be pretty demanding in the single track areas and I agree that these are good investments rather than replacing radiators (possibly) if need be.

Any help would be appreciated.

Call Brian @ 317-780-8501 or www.unabiker.com

Thanks for the info. :thumbsup:

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