450 vs. 250

Over the weekend i went to a local pit. The place is freakin huge. Anyway. I own a 2003 yz450f and im 15 at 6ft 160lbs.....Everyone says i should be on a 250f. While i was there..there was a freind of mine with a 250f and he asked to rid my bike around 2 times and so we switched. After getting the feel of the bike...i really laid into it. Wow how why should i be on a 250f. I had the bike wide open everywhere and never had one control problem. Way too easy. So just to prove a point that me on a 450 isnt too much :thumbsup:

You should take lap times if you really want to know what your faster on. Were you less tired after riding the 250F than the 450F? Usually I would say a 15 yr old kid shouldn't be on a 450 but your a big kid.

local pit? I am sure offroad the larger bikes are easy. You can ride at a leisurely pace.

Get on a real MX track and then see how easy a 450 is to hold on to fast for a day. It will humble you.

Dude ive been on a track with it and i know what your saying matt.....it was a real eye opener and so with all the practice i have had with it has become easier to control. Also i wasnt tired on either bike and i wasnt really ride at a slow lesure pace....you really cant ride at a slow pace or else your ganna come way short on one of the huge up hills. So i think i would have been better off with the 250 but this bike fits my size and my ability now with all my practice and riding time....and for what i payed for my 450 it was the better choice

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