GYTR Insert

I recently installed a GYTR insert in my bike (99 WR400). I wanted to know what jetting changes people typically experienced with this insert installation. I know I need to go richer, but I'm curious about what other folks have had to do specifically. I plan on getting 2 mains (the next 2 sizes richer than stock) and 2 pilots (2 sizes richer, just like the mains). I have a stealth fuel screw awaiting install as well. I switched back to the stock insert to ride yesterday because I hadn't purchased the jets yet. Any info you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks. -Jerry

Ohio huh? Where at? I am 25 miles southeast of Columbus. :thumbsup:

I just bought the GYT-R insert for my bike Saturday - rode with it yesterday! It is reasonable on sound and did not restrict my bike as much as I thought it would. Acutally - couldn't tell much difference, because it was also muddy out yesterday and we didn't have any hills to power through where we were riding at. (I removed the stock baffle over a year ago and lost it...)

Do you ride at Wayne National Forest or the strip pits - Perry State Forest? :thumbsup:

yeah, I'm from 10 miles West of Columbus, a small town called West Jefferson. I run an offroad group through my church called Cypress Offroad. I ride at Perry and Wayne, and lots of other places as well. We try to have at least one ride per month. Are you around the Lancaster Area?

I was really happy with the sound levels with the GYTR in there, but it was definitely running lean and I didn't want to take a chance on heating her up too much, so I put the stocker back in until I could get some jets.

Let me know if you want to hook up and go riding sometime. I think I'm taking my daughter down to Happy Hollow in the next few weekends so she can get her feet wet riding somewhere other than our yard and the farm fields around here. -Jerry

I recommend returning your carb to bone stock jetting for the GYT-R insert. You will be much happier that way. But it's free advice and worth as much as you paid for it.

I have a Pro Moto insert, they are about the same thing and i did not touch a thing . My jetting is good , the plug looks good ( maybe a tad rich if any thing ) the bike rips seams to help low end and no real difference on top , just made the beast quiet.

Rich in Orlando has been giving advise longer that I have, and it's worth what you paid for it.

I did the free mods and put in the JD kit with the 170 main on my '98 WR400. Runs great up here in MI.

By the way, my son has a couple of baseball tournaments in OH this year. One in Columbus and one in Cincinnati. I was thinking of putting our bikes in the truck and seeing how the tournaments go. Any thoughts for so-so rider and his 11 year old?

Hey JD,

I have a '99 WR as well, with a "GYTR"-type insert in the end (no name on it...), and all the packing and baffles removed. I have the following jetting setup:

Main Jet: 180 (stock is 168)

Needle: OBVDR (YZ400, stock WR is OBDTM)

Clip: 5 of 7 from the top (stock is 3 with WR needle)

Pilot screw: 1 1/4 (stock)

Starter Jet: 60 (stock)

Pilot Jet: 48 (stock is 45)

Main Air Jet: 200 (stock)

Pilot Air Jet: 75 (stock)

I tried running my bike w/o the insert and she ran like crap. If you can get your bike close to what I have, I bet you'll be pretty close. I say close, because you may still have the innards in your pipe. I took the cap off of mine and she's clean all the way down to where the mid pipe mounts.

Thanks for all the info, everyone!

TCM, get in touch with me when the tourneys get closer. For the Columbus Tourney you could ride at Wayne or Perry County, I'd suggest Perry for a short trip with a younger fella. While down in Cincy, You aren't too far from Happy Hollow in Hillsboro. It's a smaller place, but still lots of fun. It's like 8 bucks a piece or 2 for 15 at Happy Hollow. At Perry you need a state sticker. I'm not sure how they handle things for out-of-staters. Heck, I may come to the baseball tourney depending on when/where it is!

"Brawl For It All" is in Columbus May 25 - 27.

"USSSA Invitational" is in Cincinnati July 19 - 22.

I'm not sure of the exact location. I'm thinking of loading the bikes into the truck and see what happens. A lot of these tournaments guarantee 3 games, 1 on Friday and 2 on Saturday. If you don't win 2 your usually done. I don't mind watching the remaining games and if I have to pay for the motel I'll stay, but if I can go riding that would be even better.

I'll PM when it gets closer and get more details.

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