Fractured Ankle

Well, this sucks. Dumped the bike in a corner going to fast, too much front brake, landed on my left foot and fractured my ankle.

I'm so brilliant I was riding alone on a trail close to my house, about a mile from no one. Hobbled for 5 minutes, picked up the bike in BIG pain, put down the kickstand and proceeded to kick the sucker ten times to start. That really hurts. Made it home, but shifting was very uncomfortable. I'm happy to announce that I had all my gear on, otherwise there would not be much skin on my shoulder and head from skidding on the hard pack. I'm sure my boots prevented an all out broken mangled ankle. ALWAYS wear gear people!!

Wife is pissed! Might have to sell it, aaagghh. Some of you may remember that this is my first dirt bike ever, bought in March 01. Can you hear her "told you so." She's been after me to buy disability insurance to since I bought the bike, which I haven't and being self employed, I'm starting to feel like an idiot, but Oh well, you should have seen the awesome 3rd gear wheelies I was doing.


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Geez dave, u should have made up some excuse to the wife!! Eg.

-Left parkbrake off on the car, ran over my foot

-Tried fixing tv antenna on roof, slipped

Think of all the good times u had on the WR?

Ride On :)

Greetings! So sorry to hear about the broken ankle, I hope you mend fast. I know how you feel, I tore my ACL in my right knee along with meniscus damage. Had surgery on June 20th and still stiff and tender at times. My wife and entire family says I must sell the bike immediately and must grow up (I'm 36, but feel like 21 still?). I just starting riding around slowly in the back yard and get some dirty looks from my wife.

This is my first bike (2001 WR426) and I can't think of having to sell it, guess I won't if I can get away with it and stay married.

I will be much wiser from now on and try to ride within my limits from now on. Hang in there, at least you were wearing the safety gear and it was probably a fluke accident.

Take care and best of luck!!

Hope our wives never run into eachother somewhere and start talking about dumb motorcycles, otherwise we will both be screwed.

Mark (Highland, Illinois)

Would the wives think of telling you to sell your tennis or basketball stuff if you injured yourself that way? I didn't think so. So what's the difference?

I tore my ACL playing basketball. Haven't ever really hurt myself riding. Make all the pot shots you want about me being slow - I can take it :)


I always tell my wife after a bad crash, "Hey honey, I payed so much money for all of this PPE, It would be a shame if I didn't test it out every once in a while to make sure that the stuff really works". Roll of the eye's and shake of the head. "KIDS" she says. Oh well, have fun today, cause you might not make it till tommarow...


If there's a way to crash, Ill find it...

I can't think of having to sell it, guess I won't if I can get away with it and stay married.


Sell the wife and keep the bike :)



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glad to hear that you were wearing the gear. i sold the wife years ago(both of them) now can ride in comfort (crash in comfort) knowing that i will not get the look. hey did you look kool while you were crashing. hope you heal up soon so you can ride more.



not yz timmed yet

some mods

I broke my wife in long before she became my wife :D from my mom and me she knew what she was letting herself in for. I got to say though it WAS a hard sell to start dirt biking at 36 given my past history "!

In any case, mend well and stick to your guns. You only live once, if that.

Follows my list of pre wife and post wife accidents....

pre wife

- 3 broken fingers age 4 - fell off of a bed and bent my fingers backwards

- broken leg age 8 - skiing (but on a drag tow! Go figure)

- chipped ankle age 11 - 'moped' (mini motorcycle)

- broken ankle age 12 - indoor soccer

- sheared cruciates & ripped meniscus right leg, age 17 - field hockey (most painful)

- 2 broken fingers left hand, broken wrist (scaphoid) right hand, scrapes & bruises, the amazing 'flat knee' (I wore a flat spot on my knee as I slid along the asphalt) age 21 - motorcycle accident (Most inconvenient as I had BOTH arms in a cast)

- broken lower back (two shattered & one broken vertbrae, all except the 't' and the hole the spinal cord passes through), 3 broken ribs, bruised heart age 24 - car accident, argument with a tree - most humiliating & longest recovery, ever try taking a dump lying down ? Ever try taking a dump lying down after not going for 10 days and having continued to eat 'normally' :) ????

Post Wife

- Ripped cartilidge left knee and subsequent removal of part of it age 25 - skiing

- overcompressed knee (my repaired knee only got back to 90% flex) and HUGE (15cm diameter) scrape on my right BUTT cheek age 30 - downhill mountain biking

- broken thumb, age 31 - skiing

- separated shoulder, age 32 - skiing

- right forearm (radius I think) split lengthwise & broken wrist (scaphoid), again, as well as broken front teeth age 32 - mountain biking

- left wrist, scaphoid AGAIN, age 34 - mountain biking in the twilight. (Stupidest)

I'm sure there's someone out there with a longer list....


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'99 WR400F

Airbox Lid - gone

Throttle Stop - shorty!

Plastics/Tank/Seat - One Industries

Street Legal

Jesus Missle,

Evel Knievel's got nothing on you! You'd better start stocking up on the tiger balm and tylenol now!


Tell your wives that you want to sell the bike. You figure with the money you make, you could take parachuting lessons and learn how to free fall :D Or take bull riding lessons :)


I'm fortunate, my wife tolerates my stuff and when her number one son fractured his arm in two places, riding with dad. She asked if he was ok and what time should she start dinner.


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Sorry to hear about you're TKO dude. Hang in there. I have had just about every type of injury you can possibily have. Broken back, fractured neck, broken every bone in both arms and legs, and an emergency apendix removal. Been in two helicopter crashes (a HU-1H Huey in Korea and a UH-60A Blackhawk in Panama. I am 43 years old and still looking for more cheap thrills.

My wife cringes everytime I blast a double or a table top on the weekend. But that the hell, it's in my blood and I can't stop. I have been extremely lucky that I havn't done anything more serious than a streched Archillies tendon, and a sore back since buying my WR 2 years ago....(I have wrecked many times)Thus the name given to me by good friends....YAMAKAZE.....

Good safety gear is a must...Good safety gear will prevent many of those "Oh Crap" injuries. My wife complain's when I spend $300. for a pair of top of the line boots or hundreds of dollars on other gear I see as essential.

Keep your spirit up and learn from this unfortunite mistake. Experience is sometimes a painful teacher.

Bonzai :)

Well I made sure that would never happen to me with my wife. My wife jump horses and competes. I made sure he got injured first so she can never tell me I have to stop doing what I like because I got hurt. The second thing is my wife can never say one word, and I mean one word, about how much I spend on hobbies period.

Her horse is values at 50K and cost $650 a month to board. Keep in mind that none of that include transporting to horse shows and horse show fee and vet bills. I will tell yo know, its cheaper to have a kid that a horse.

Don't even get me started on how much a saddle and boos cost. We have it easy for boots. She pays about 500.0 for hers. She finally broke her wrist, so I'm in the clear. So I'll I have to say if she complains is, did I say you have to stop riding when you broke your wrist. Who supported you and gave the baby a bath every night for 8 week when you wrist was broke. Me - thats who.

Nevermind I'm getting pissed know. I suppose I just keep thinking that she kept her mouth shut when I got my Boxster.


01 WR426 Uncorked, YZ throttle stop, Grey wire cut, BK mod. Do I dare change to YZ timing. (soon)

Isn't a boxster a poor mans porsche?

:) Dave (Stirring the pot)

LOL. Thats what I keep telling everyone. Its the 914 of the 2000's.

I couldn't afford the real Porsche cuz of that damn horse.

Thanks for all the support guys, it's a new day and my kids were almost in tears if any mention of selling the bikes. The problem is my brother-in-law crashed in a car accident years ago and he's a quadrapalegic now. He used too race street bikes, and now works in a hospital. Him being married to my wife's sister keeps my wife informed of all the spinal cord injuries coming in every year.

Anyways, I could've made that corner with more experience, so I can't quit. Love the parachute lessons thing and all the other comments. **** , it kills my shoulder just to type. Till next time.


2000 WR400

2001 TTR 90

2000 XR 50

Well, my turn....

Back when I was dating and engaged to my wife I high-sided the hell out of my street bike. I had a broken jaw, lots of broken teeth, lacerations all over the place, tons of road rash, broken bone in my right hand, severe concusion and bruises so severe I couldn't even get out of bed for about 1 month without assistance.

You want a humble experience? Try having you mom help you use the bathroom when you are a grown man. Oh and that thing about pooping, I so hear ya, been there done that.

My jaw was wired shut for 7 weeks, and I lost 30 pounds off a Marine Corps fit frame during that time.

I thought for sure that my soon to be wife would leave my now disfigured body, but she didn't. We got married right on schedule.

She continued to support my need to ride on two wheels and now provides pit support when I go to the street and MX tracks on my bikes. She even rides her own street bike now.

Of course, the bikes cause conflicts from time to time, but you have to stand your ground.

My favorite reply is, "Would you rather I go to the bar every Friday night and come home drunk," when she gives me a hard time about going out to ride.



2001 WR250F

White Brothers E Series Full exhaust

Panoram computer

Fly bars

jet kit

YZ timing I think (bought used)

Grey wire mod

Well, it's only been 24 hours, and I already am missing on oppotunities to ride. I can't imagine selling it now, I'm just getting good on it (thats hard to explain right now) but feeling like I can ride it hard. (I mean the bike guys, ha ha)This bike must not be sold!!

Anyways, can these Renthal high bend bars be straightened, there about 4 inches out of whack.

[This message has been edited by Dave B (edited October 04, 2001).]

Just suggest that since he had such a bad accident, the family should stop driving.

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