e-series exhaust help

Alright well I just recently got my motorcycle permit, and car permit and I wanted to take my pig out for the first time and at the advice of others I was told that for on road driving to remove the spark arrestor I removed all the allen bolts and the back assembly came off, my question is what do I do with all these discs? are they for the spark arrestor or what?

EDIT: does it hurt the bike if you run without any discs thats what someone told me to try.


The spark arrestor is the flat plate/disc that goes on after all the hollow discs and before the end cap.

The spark arrestor plate is what blocks off and forces all the exhaust through the thin slots between the discs. This is how the whole Supertrapp design works. With the spark arrestor plate removed, you might as well not have any discs at all, as there will be just a huge straight through hole and the bike will be loud as hell, and may very well not make as much power except maybe at full throttle.

I run mine with the spark arrestor plate and all the discs (11 or 12). It works VERY well this way, sounds great and gives awesome throttle response and power. It's still loud enough that you can be heard on the street, but it's not obnoxiously loud like a straight through pipe would be.

Try it both ways if you like, but I would highly recommend leaving the spark arrestor plate in.

[snip]...I would highly recommend leaving the spark arrestor plate in.


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