Looking for a 10oz. or 12oz. flywheel weight already on flywheel, for easy switch back when I want. THANX! ~Hit-man~ yz426f@msn.com


00'YZ426F 00'XR50R LATER DAYS!!!

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Call Bajadesigns. They have em!

I spoke with Baja Designs yesterday, they say they have no such animal. There is another company I spoke with that said no sweat. I saved the URL on my work computer...I'll post it on monday morning.

Bonzai grin.gif

Get all my weights from Steahly.

CAn get the number if you need it.




00'YZ426F 00'XR50R LATER DAYS!!!


Call the contact number and ask to speak to their lead mechanic. The lady who answers the phone doesn't know much but is pleasent to speak with.

Bonzai grin.gif

Anyone have a used one for sale? ~Hit-man~

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