2005 vs 2006 WR450

I am buying a 05. Just wondering if the 06 had any major changes. I know the triple clamps are different and they now have an electronic odo. What about suspension. Is it the same or was there any improvements/changes?

I have an '06 WR 450 and there are some changes. The forks are now 48mm and that's new. It's not just an electronic ODO. It has Enduro functions and a race mode that is pretty powerful for a stock computer. I am racing enduros this season and it's been a help. The rear brake is completely different, and I believe the swing arm received some changes. There is nothing major that sticks out. A lot of little refinements. If you get a great deal on an '05, you're in great shape. It's a great bike too. :thumbsup:

I have a 06 and my friends is a 05. The 05 is way slower than the 06...... Just kidding, they are pretty much the same bike.

i'm in california and i believe that the 06's models are green sticker compliant and the 05 was not...this may be moot to you though depending on where you live.

green sticker allows you to ride in off road areas year round, etc here in CA.

Here's the deal...

The 05 has 48mm forks, but for '06, they changed the internals a bit for a plusher ride. The '05 gear driven odometer was replaced with the computer. The upper triple clamp is now somewhat adjustable for '06. The seat is softer for you Sally Pink Panties with the sore tushies. The swingarm is supposedly strengthened, but I can't tell where. The brake calipers have been repositioned for clearance issues. Both the '05 and '06 are green stickered. BTW, the Yamaha site lists all the changes for both the '05 and '06 from the previous model year...SC

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