Another Magura customer requesting assistance

Hey everyone, I am getting my "thumpertalk" cherry popped with this post.

Just bought a used Magura hydro Clutch for my 99 YZ 400F and am wondering, is installation pretty cut and dry or is there modifications that need to be made? I ask this because I do not have a owners manual for the clutch nor do I know the installation procedure, and I have read many horror stories on this product. I have not received the clutch yet (in the mail) but just wanted to try and get some feedback before I attempt to tackle it myself. Thanks all!

installation is simple if you have all the correct parts. Be sure to secure the hydraulic line between the master and slave cylinders, I didnt and pinched the line in the lower triple clamp stop. good luck

A zip tie would accomplish what your saying, correct? Or do I need a clamp (hose clamp style) to secure it somewhere in your opinion?

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