is this coolant alright for my bike ?

Its made by elf

all its say on the front is, " corrosion protection,anti deposit" 100% mineral

i know im suppose to put in non silicate coolant , is this non silicate ?

thanks chaps :thumbsup:

In Canada we can get OEM coolant. :thumbsup:


dexcool w/ water wetter...........................

Elf offers over a dozen different coolants and without knowing which specific one you have, its hard to speculate on it. Elf has been known for some good quality products, but I've never used their coolant. Elf makes two coolants specifically for motorcycles. Elf Moto Coolant Mineral and Moto Coolant Organic. The organic would be your best choice for this bike if your local supplier provides Elf products :thumbsup:

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