Jetting question

I'm pretty much right at, or just above sea level (Rhode Island). My "L" seems to be all stock except for the Pro-Circuit T4 pipe. Just bought a Uni filter. Which jets should I be using? Anyone have part numbers etc?

I was using a 58/165 kehin set up with the needle shimmed .030 slide drilled screw out 2 1/4 turns with an XRs only full exaust system. I am about 50 ft. above. I can't remember what series the jets were series wise eather 21 or 22. got them from my local Honda dealer they figured out the part #

Thanks. Thats the info I'm looking for.

Ok so where do I order them from. It would be easier for me to get them mail order.

When I called the dealer they said I needed to bring the jets there with me so they could give me the right ones.

Don't they know what goes into my carb? Anyway I would rather do it all at once and not have to take a couple of hours to drive to the dealer. Can't I just buy jets online?

26 Series Slow(pilot) & 393 Series Main. go to here: 393 Series Main and then here: 26 Series slow (Pilot)

I believe the 22 Series pilot is what people refer to as the "long" pilot in which case it is said to fit, but you may need to trim the slosh baffle. I dunno about that, I bought the shorter one so i didnt have to worry about it.

Pull your stock jets out, compare them to the pics on Sudco's site to be sure of the series, then call the TT store or Sudco and have them send you what you want.

I bought a few to richen mine up. I got a couple if each in incremental sizes just in case. In my particular case I ended up with a 55/160 combination (with a UNI filter & IDS2 exhaust), but I am running a touch rich as the warmer weather creeps in, I will need to lean it out a bit.

Get the DynoJet Kit, the stock needle is to lean, way worth it. :ride:

Get the DynoJet Kit, the stock needle is to lean, way worth it. :ride:

Everything the $60 (plus shipping) Dynojet kit does, can be done by Dave's carb mods for less than $10 total.

I tried both just to "try it". I had to "rejet" after installing the damn Dynojet kit anyways, (the ones that came with it where just a little off, so the kit really did me no good at all anyway, and IMHO that DJ needle isn't worth throwing at a dartboard. If you want mine, it is probably still in the furthest corner of my barn where i chucked it. If you can find it, you can have it) Dave's mods gave me better results and where fully $50 cheaper. But do what you wanna do, I just wish I had listened when I was told to just buy new jets and do it myself. I'd have $50 extra to blow on something else. :banana:

That's just my 2cents, and with that i am now out $50.02

why not pull the plug and do a read . if it seems to be buring okay, leave it alone, may have already been rejetted when the pipe was installed (I would think it was) otherwise it would be (is it?) exhibiting extremely lean charecteristics, hard starts, coldbloodedness, popping back on decl etc. With just a pipe change on a already lean bike it would be even more lean as the pipe opens the exhaust flow up.

I installed the dynojet kit needle and 165 main jet with a white brothers E2 pipe - I still had to install a richer pilot jet (kehin jet from Honda)to eliminate the straving colbloodedness, think I put in a 58. Now it runs like a raped ape. Cold starts are immediate and on half choke, kick the choke off and it idles smoothly while you suit up, blip the throttle - even cold - and it answers right up!

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