XL600R fork options ?

I just got a rather new set of XR650L forks and am wondering

if they will fit on my 1984XL600R ?

My guess is that they will, but will there be any issues with the

wheel and brake spacing ?

Thanks for any help or advice.

This has been tried before and hasn't worked yet. The tubes are bigger so you can't use just the forks. And the steering stem is different so you can't just use the 650 triple clap. So far as I know no one has tried pressing out the two steering stems and machining the 650 triple clamp to accept the 600 stem. This would require welding the inside of the triple clamp then boring it to fit the 600 stem. Then you would want the 650 wheel and brake set up to avoid the problems with spacing. I feel this is too much work for little gain. I think I'd be looking for a fork brace if I thought I needed a stiffer fork set up. I have a 85 XL600R that I've ridden every thing from the woods up near our rancho in northern AZ, to the deserts of Baja and I've found the forks to be the least of my problems.

Thanks for the advice.

I may just try to get a XR650L frame as well.

Well its a good thing I didn't believe your advice.

Turns out the XR650L forks fit perfectly on my XL600R.

The axle on the XR650L forks is larger though, so now I'm looking

for a front wheel to go with my new forks.



check if the 650 bearings will fit in your 600 wheel.

I have a 93 XR 628. It has the best set up EVER for a XR... CR 500 forks! :thumbsup:

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