98 YZ400F engine noise

I have a 98 Yz400f that I am having trouble with. I have noise coming from the left side of the motor believed to be the cam chain. I took the bike to a shop and they said (just by removing the valve cover and looking) that the timing chain was bad and that was causing the noise. I was then quoted approx. 200 to replace it. First is noise from the cam chain on this bike common? How can you tell if the chain is bad just by looking.....it appeared to be tight and showed little wear from what I could see? If the noise is not common how hard is the chain to change if I did it myself? The chain isn't that expensive but I wondered if it is best to just let them do it. Any ideas?

Thanks, Ken

How familiar are you with four strokes and are you good at using a manual to make your own repairs?

I am not very farmiliar with the 4 strokes but can do just about anything with a book.

Are you positive that all they did was look with no hands on checking? A simple tug on the chain by hand might have given them the knowledge they needed to come to the conclusion they did. The answer to your second question is if you have the Yamaha manual you can do it yourself. It does a good job of taking you through the steps. For me the hardest part was getting the timing marks aligned on the cams during installation, trial and error. I now know where to position the cams to get it right the next time I need to go that deep into the motor.

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