Where to get seals and gaskets?

I have to split my cases and was wondering if anyone sells a complete kit with seals and gaskets. I think maybe a bearing kit also since I will be in there. Any help would be great. Thanks, Dan

I usewww.bikebandit.com for all OEM parts. It allows you to look up parts just as the dealerships do. As for a kit, you will have to carefully pick out each item separately. I have used them to order large assortments of parts with 100% success.

Hope this helps,


That's what I am afraid of. I was hopeing somebody sells a kit. Thanks for the reply, Dan

MTRSPORTDAN this may sound strange, but are you sure there is a gasket between the two cases?

if you go here


you can enter what sort of bike you have and determine the part numbers, but there does not appear to be a case gasket and i'm thinking it may be just gasket cemented.

as for the gaskets

get a quote from these guys and see how you go.


good luck

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