426 locked up

my 01 426 locked up when i was ride'in after pushing it home it kicked over and started and then locked up again can any one help me with the figure out what the prodlem is

I had something similar happen with my 00 426. I would start the bike and within 20 seconds the motor would stop and the kick start would be locked. I would let it sit and cool off and then I could kick it over again and it would do the same thing within about 20 seconds. The problem was my exhaust cam was locking up when the motor would warm up. I fixed it by popping the cam cap off and re-torquing the bolts. :thumbsup:

Mine did the same thing last year. It was the rod bearing, fix was a complete rebuild. Cost was around $1200.00 for new cylinder, piston, rings, crank,all bearings, seals, a few worn tranny gears and shift forks and new clutch assembly. My advice is buy a manual and rebuild it yourself, you will understand the inner workings of your bike allot better plus you will save big on labor charges. Price OEM parts here, www.crotchrocket.com

should i replace the oil pump and waterpump why im at it

Mine was lower rod bearing also..

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